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Women Writing Women stands with journalists and writers from Rappler and other news organizations that are threatened with closure and lawsuits with the intent of suppressing press freedom and the people’s right to know. We support the practice of independent and critical journalism. We believe that such journalism is crucial in these times when fake news, trolls and disinformation are part of the Duterte administration’s information agenda.

As a blog site that gives voices to women and their issues, Women Writing Women supports constraint-free expressions of views and news. Any attempt to muzzle them should be resisted. We also condemn cyber bullying and attacks against women journalists, writers and bloggers that criticize Duterte and his government. The death and rape threats against journalists and writers, issued by supporters of Duterte, are forms of gender violence. Such violence has no place in a humane society that values the voices of women. We urge our fellow women writers, journalists and bloggers to resist any forms of intimidation and persist on writing and creating.

21 January 2018