WWW Philippines is a group of empowered women journalists, writers, artists, advocates and trainers who champion women’s rights by challenging the narratives that delimit girls and women from understanding the world of bigger truths and realities. It aims to create a community that thrives on equality and encourages everyone to heal, grow, and pursue their passion and joys.

WWW Philippines is a social media and news organization. It sprung from the now defunct Women’s Feature Service (WFS) Philippines, which closed down after more than 20 years of media advocacy in giving women a voice in mainstream media.

We formed WWW because we feel that this is our chance to create a new group of women journalists and writers and mentor new ones while taking advantage of communications technology that offers a wider reach for journalists putting out the relevant stories to the world.

While we were transitioning from a non-profit corporation to a group of women writers and journalists, the Forum for Family Planning, Inc., a civil society organization, joined efforts with WWW journalists in continuing the advocacy of giving women a voice and promoting the women’s perspective by providing the gender lens into the news.

Through our pool of writers and journalists, we have the energy, passion and capacity to cover and report about everything from reproductive health to climate change. We offer training, produce publications and engage discussions through forums that focus on the women’s perspectives.


Ma. Diosa Labiste, PhD, teaches at the journalism department of the University of the Philippines Diliman.  She is a former community journalist.

Chi Laigo-Vallido is a community organizer, advocacy campaign specialist, fundraiser, media content strategist and the Executive Director of Philippine NGO Council for Population, Health and Welfare, Inc., a civil society organization.

Bugan Ni-Rosipan (a nom de plume) is a feature writer and multimedia artist, indigenous people’s rights advocate, mystic and witch.

Diana G. Mendoza is an independent journalist and communications professional who loves to walk and daydream.

Contact us: Women Writing Women Philippines can be reached through womenwritingwomen@gmail.com and through our Facebook page.

Fringes – Pushing Boundaries
Wanderlust – Journeys and Homecomings
Discourses – Conversations and Viewpoints
Bliss – Joys and Passions
Wish-Craft – Truthsaying and Wordspells

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed all the articles! Love the categories and descriptions especially “wordspells” for “wishcraft. Thanks for keeping women’s voices and perspectives alive. Keep on writing ka-womenan! Btw how can i contribute? to whom do I send stories and who edits and uploads?

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